Oase BioStyle Biological Filter Foam

30ppi biological filter foams for Oase BioStyle aquariums filters

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  • Replacement 30 ppi filter foams for BioStyle aquarium filters
  • Ensure optimal water quality and aquarium filtration
  • Available in a 2 and 4-pack
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A purpose built foam for the BioStyle filter. If you've got a BioStyle, this is a must.

What is the Oase BioStyle Biological Filter Foam?

The Oase BioStlye Biological Filter Foams are replacement foams for the Oase BioStyle aquarium filters. Available in a 2-pack and a 4-pack, these biological filter foams offer high-performing filtration and guarantee crystal clear water quality and clarity in marine and freshwater aquariums.

What is biological filter foam?

The Oase Biological 30ppi Orange filter foams provide beneficial bacteria with a surface area to settle. The result of this mechanical and biological filtration is clear, healthy aquarium water that's safe for your fish and plants. This filter foam should be replaced in your BioStyle filter after 12-18 months depending on your aquarium size, the number of fish and plants, plus declines in your filter’s performance.

Product BioStyle Filter Foam 2 Set 30ppi BioStyle Filter Foam 4 Set 30ppi
Should be replaced after 12-18 months 12-18 months
Suitable for BioStyle 75, BioStyle 115, BioStyle 180 BioStyle 75, BioStyle 115, BioStyle 180
Pores per inch 30 30
Colour Orange Orange
Pack size Set of 2 Set of 4
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