Aqua One Filter Media Net Bag

Filter bags perfect for carbon, zeolite or other fine filter media

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  • Netting bags for all loose aquarium filter media
  • Reusable drawstring top
  • Suitable for coldwater, tropical and marine tanks
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Handy bags for bio media. Right size and quick delivery.

What is the Aqua One Filter Media Net Bag?

The Aqua One Filter Media Net Bags are a convenient way of installing loose filter media into your aquarium filter setup. Available in a variety of sizes, filter media net bags will reduce your filter cleanout time, keeping your unruly filter media in one place, accessible and easy to manage. The Aqua One Net Bags are constructed from nylon and have a drawstring to make the contents secure. They’re easy to rinse, reuse and are safe in both tropical and marine aquariums.

What are the benefits of using a filter media bag?

Filter media netting bags are easy to handle and perfect for keeping granular filter media together. They allow you to add extra filtration to existing filtration systems in your tank. They are reusable and will cut down your filter's cleaning time and overall maintenance. Filter media bags can be used for a wide range of aquatic filter media including carbon and zeolite. As well as removing toxins from your aquarium water, carbon can also be used to remove tannins released from driftwood. Zeolite will help break down ammonia and this will help to manage the nitrogen cycle.

How do I reuse my aquarium filter media bag?

After the old media is removed from the net bag, the bag only (not the media) should be washed under a running tap. Providing you don't fill it repeatedly to the bursting point, your Aqua One net bag should last through several filter cleanouts.

Place the new media into the bag and rinse briefly before carefully placing it into your filter. Be careful not to overfill the media bag, it should be able to spread out so the media doesn't form a hard lump.

Model Small Net Bag Medium Net Bag Large Net Bag
Dimensions 12 x 8cm 16 x 12cm 15 x 20cm
Material Nylon Nylon Nylon
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