Evolution Aqua K+ Floating Media

The next step forward in floating pond filter media

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  • Advanced free-floating filter media for pond filters
  • Textured, mineral-rich substrate with a large surface area
  • A range of sizes to stock up on
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Evolution Aqua K+ Floating Media with its innovative design, and class leading surface area provides enhanced biological and mechanical filtration. As Evolution Aqua extrude K+Media, Minerals and Enzymes are added to the raw material. The result of this process, unique to Evolution Aqua, is a filtration media that not only outperforms most of its competitors due to its large protected surface area, but also answers the problem of how to speed up the time taken to mature your filter.

During the extrusion process, Evolution Aqua add a range of minerals, along with magnesium, calcium, enzymes and salt to the raw material that is used to manufacture K+Media. The result means that K+ Media will mature much faster than many other types of media.

  • The addition of these minerals creates a rough surface on the media.
  • This textured surface has a microscopic honeycomb of peaks and craters that allow waste particles to collect, and nitrifying bacteria to form.
  • The minerals act as a food source for the bacteria, helping the bacteria to develop and multiply at a faster rate, further improving maturation times.
  • Calcium alone has proven advantages for developing and maintaining effective bio-films.
  • The enzymes that are added also help to make the media "sticky" so waste particles can adhere to media easier.
  • Salt is added during the extrusion process, which is dissolved during the cooling process, leaving a rough surface on which bio-film can easily adhere.

With a new shape and profile, K+ Media has also been designed to have an increased surface area, meaning an overall surface area of 1,350m2 per m3. More importantly for biological filtration, the protected surface area of K+ Media is 1,025m2 per m3. This allows a stable bio-film to form and remain intact when used in moving bed biological filtration, as in the new Evolution Aqua Nexus Eazy+.

Evolution Aqua also recommend using K+ Media in combination with the Evolution Aqua Pure Pond and Evolution Aqua Pure Filter Start Gel to boost bacteria levels, which in turn will stick to the media and speed up the maturation process even more.

  • Diameter: 10.2mm
  • Total Surface Area: 1,350m2 per m3
  • Protected Surface Area: 1,025m2 per m3
  • Length: 8mm
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