Tetra Water Test Set

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When it comes to pond water testing, there are few systems as reliable as Tetra Water Test Set, available from Swell UK at the best prices. With tests for all the major chemical factors in your aquarium, it allows you the information you need to get your water quality just right, and keep it that way.


  • Water Test Set
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Product Information

Reliable and accurate, the Laborett Testing Kit from aquaria experts Tetra, provides professional measurement of the most important aquarium water parameters:

  • pH
  • Carbonate Hardness
  • General Hardness
  • Nitrite
  • Carbon Dioxide

The Tetra Laborett Kit includes;

  • pH Freshwater 2 x 10ml test reagents.
  • KH 1 x 20ml test reagent.
  • GH 1 x 20ml test reagent.
  • NO2 2 x 10ml test reagents.
  • CO2 Calculation Chart.
  • 4 Test Vials
  • Water Withdrawal Syringe
  • Colour Scales and Instruction Booklet with recommendations and helpful tips.

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