Pond Filter Pumps


Maintenance of filter pumps is relatively straight forward as long as it is done correctly. Simply turn off the mains power, remove the pump from the pond and clean the strainer cage with a pan scrubber and some fresh water. Remove the filter case off the main pump and clean the pump body, look into the impellor chamber and ensure it is free from debris. If not, remove the impellor cover and clean, re-connect the filter case and place back into the pond.

Choosing the right filter pump

Choose a pump based on the volume of water you need to pump and the kind of livestock you keep in your pond. For example koi carp create lots of waste so you need to filter the water more regularly. It is not usually best to just buy the cheapest pump - not only are the top of the range ones more effective but they are also more economical and energy efficient in the long run.