Swell Activated Filter Carbon

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Swell UK own Activated Filter Carbon can be used with either aquariums or ponds to quickly absorb and clear nasty pollutants from your water, reducing odours and reducing the danger posed by chemical build ups.


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Product Information

Swell Activated Filter Carbon is ideal for any aquarium or garden pond and is a way to remove contaminants like metal ions, foul smells, chemicals and dyes. It is also ideal to remove the residue of treatments and medications.

It has a much higher porous structure and therefore can adsorb much more impurities than standard filter carbon. Swell own brand products compare more than favourably with other market leaders, and are made from top quality materials, and as they are always at a great price you can be sure of the best products at the best price.

It's important to remove carbon media when administering a treatment to ensure the best results.

Directions for use:

  • Use at least 1g of carbon per litre (5g per gallon) of water and remove any dust by rinsing in fresh water.
  • Place the filter carbon in a fine filter mesh bag or between two pieces of filter wool and place in the filter.
  • The carbon should be replaced every four weeks.

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