API Algae Scraper Acrylic

Algae scraper for acrylic aquariums

At a glance...
  • Algae scraper with unique shaped head to clean hard-to-reach places
  • Keeps your hands dry with its extra-long handle
  • Suitable for acrylic aquariums
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The API Algae Scraper is designed to make cleaning your acrylic aquarium as easy as possible. With an 18" handle to help you reach into the deepest regions of your aquarium this scraper is ideal to keep your hands from getting wet.

The scrubbing pad makes light work of removing algae and other stubborn marks. Only use on wet surfaces to avoid scratching, and make sure that no gravel pieces are trapped on the scrubbing pad before use.

Rinse pad with tap water before and after use.

Caution: If aquarium gravel is picked up on pad, wash off before using since gravel will scratch acrylic surfaces. Do not use pressure so extreme as it could scratch or break your aquarium.

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