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  • Complete marine aquarium master test kit
  • Tests for marine pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate
  • Performs up to 60 liquid tests
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What is the Aqua One 5 in 1 Marine Test Kit?

The Aqua One 5 in 1 Marine Test Kit provides all the essential parameter tests for monitoring the health of your marine aquarium water quality. Containing 60 tests, this aquarium test kit comes complete with all the essential tests for testing water parameters such as marine pH, ammonia (NH3/NH4), nitrite NO2, nitrate (NO3) and phosphate (PO4). Fast, easy and accurate, this marine aquarium test kit helps to ensure you are maintaining a safe and healthy environment for your aquatic inhabitants.

What are the benefits of using marine aquarium test kits?

An aquarium test kit allows you to monitor ammonia levels, pH balance and nitrate levels. By doing so, any vital elements for strong and healthy fish and plant growth can be replenished, whilst the phosphate and nitrate levels in the water can be monitored to ensure that there are no problems.

You must maintain the correct water chemistry to avoid stressing your fish or damaging your aquarium hardware. As it’s impossible to see a chemical imbalance before it causes serious damage, the only way to keep an eye on your aquarium is with a set of water test kits.

We recommend regular water testing in your aquarium to monitor and correct water parameters to ensure the health of aquatic plants and animals. Check out the Aqua One 5 in 1 Freshwater Test Kit suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquariums plus ponds.

Kit includes:

  • Test solutions
  • 4 plastic test tubes with lids
  • plastic measuring spoons
  • Easily readable test result charts
  • Storage container
  • Instruction manual
Suitable for Marine fish tanks
Tests for

Marine pH

Ammonia (NH3/NH4)

Nitrite NO2

Nitrate (NO3)

Phosphate (PO4)

Number of tests 60
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