Aqua One AquaFill Automatic Top Up

Ensure your aquarium never runs dry

At a glance...
  • Automatic top up system for marine aquariums
  • Includes three float switches for improved accuracy
  • Auto shut-off to protect your pump and aquarium
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The AquaFill ensures you have a constant automatic top up solution for your aquarium sump, combating the effects of evaporation in your marine aquarium.

This operates under a three float switch system, the primary float switch, a secondary float switch, and the reservoir float switch, meaning you have stable water levels and more consistent salinity levels as well.

When in use, the AquaFill pump switches on when the water level drops below both the primary and secondary float switches, and will continue to stay on until one of those switches is submerged. The reservoir float switch is a safety feature that will stop the pump if the water level drops below it, ensuring the pump itself can't ever run dry and become damaged.

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