Aqua Print Anaerobic Brick Stand

Expertly designed bio media holder for compatible bio blocks

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  • Designed by Reef enthusiasts for Reef enthusiasts
  • Includes appropriate fixings
  • Unique structural design
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What is the Aqua Print Anaerobic Bio Brick Stand?

Expertly designed by Aqua Print, the premium 3D printed Anaerobic Bio Brick Stand is a suitable aquarium accessory for marine systems. Allows for securing the catalyst between blocks. Securely holds the Bio Blocks and provides huge amounts of aerobic and anaerobic surface area for efficient bacterial colonisation.

How do you use the Aqua Print Anaerobic Bio Brick Stand?

It is recommended to use the Aqua Print Anaerobic Bio Brick Stand with the Maxspect range of Nano Tech Bio Blocks. Suitable for usage with sumps, reactors, trickle filters, wet/dry filters and directly in the tank. Designed to be used with Bio Bricks for Nitrate removal.

Key Features:

  • Aquarium safe material
  • To be used with Bio Bricks
  • Expertly designed, 3D printed product
  • Unique colour and aesthetic, premium product

Kindly note: this is a 3D printed product, and therefore may feature small imperfections. This does not detract away from the usage of the product, and is purely cosmetic only.


Product Specifications

Product Dimensions Fittings included:
Anaerobic Brick Stand 120 x 110 x 60mm Yes.
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