Aqua Print Raised Bio Ball Stand

Super strong v5 design suitable for holding aquarium Bio Balls

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  • Designed by Reef enthusiasts for Reef enthusiasts
  • Includes appropriate fixings
  • Compatible with leading brand Bio Balls
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What is the Aqua Print Raised Bio Ball Stand?

Expertly designed by Aqua Print, the premium 3D printed Bio Ball Stand Holder range is a suitable aquarium accessory for marine systems. Securely hold multiple Bio Balls. Recommended by reef enthusiasts to be used in conjunction with leading Bio Ball brands. Suitable for Maxspect Bio Balls, Siporax and mantis media. Stand is easy to assemble, available in 3 different sizes.

How do I use the Aqua Print Raised Bio Ball Stand?

The Aqua Print Raised Bio Ball Stand Holder is an essential accessory designed to be used with marine aquarium set-ups. Upon delivery, simply assemble the stand using the rods included, which neatly screw into the base. Add your Bio Balls to the set-up. The stand will lift the bio balls off the sump base, therefore stopping sediment build up. Suitable for usage with sumps, reactors and directly in the tank. Designed to be used in a high-flow area. Ideal for creating additional area around each ball for increased water contact. Each stand also includes a handle, allowing the stand to be moved around during maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Aquarium safe material
  • To be used with Bio Balls
  • Expertly designed, 3D printed product
  • Unique colour and aesthetic, premium product

Kindly note: Bio Balls are sold separately and therefore not included as part of this product.


Product Specifications

Product Dimensions Max. Bio Ball Quantity Fittings included:
Medium Bio Ball Stand 9.6 x 9.6 x 11cm 27 bio balls Yes.
Large Bio Ball Stand 13 x 9.6 x 11cm 36 bio balls Yes.
XL Bio Ball Stand 16.4 x 9.6 x 11cm 45 bio balls Yes.
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