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  • Concentrated coral food for reef aquariums
  • Accelerates coral growth and increases colour
  • Suitable for soft corals, clams, LPS coral and SPS coral
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Accelerates coral growth. Contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, unique highly-concentrated and nutritious food for corals. Features extracts from selected zooplankton, amino acids, vitamins and carbohydrates. Product does not contain phosphates and nitrates. An addition of copper sulphate in very small amount which is safe for marine organisms - corals need it in low concentrations.

AF Energy reduces the development of zooxanthellae and increases bright pastel colouring in SPS corals. Recommended to use in conjunction with AF Build.

Dosing 1 drop for 100l(27 US gal.) every other day when the light is off.

All Aquaforest formulas are adopted to dispense 1 drop at 100L (27 US gal) of water. However, it should be remembered that each aquarium is different, depending on reef cast. When introducing new products to an aquarium, you should begin dispensing 1/2 (even 1/4) dose and observe how the corals respond. Then gradually increase the dosage to reach the target. Corals should be feed at night when they extend their polyps.

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