Fish Tank Ornaments

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Aquarium ornaments help and advice

Design a unique and eye-catching aquascape

Aquarium ornaments can be just the thing to brighten up your fish tank and add a fun touch. Great for children's aquariums, you'll find familiar characters as well as the more traditional ornaments such as sunken galleons and anchors.

What are aquarium ornaments?

Aquarium ornaments add depth and colour to your aquarium. They are ornamental statues, made from a variety of materials, some are designed to be funny, others blend in naturally and yet more are just aesthetically stunning. In a few cases, aquarium ornaments have been specially designed to hide a bit of aquarium hardware, such as a filter or airpump.

Why should I buy aquarium ornaments?

There's nothing as fun or rewarding for a fishkeeper as watching fish dive in and out of various aquarium ornaments. Each ornament stimulates your fish while also adding a talking point that's sure to impress friends and family. Some ornaments also offer fringe benefits, like contributing to the natural pH of your water or providing shelter for many bottom-dwelling species like loaches.

What are the main types of aquarium ornaments?

Aquarium ornaments range from silly to sophisticated and natural to synthetic. There aren't really different types of aquarium ornaments but there are certainly ornaments that do a specific job, like hiding an airpump or providing shelter. Unless you have a specific use in mind, just choose the ornaments that you think will suit your tank and style the best.

What should I look for?

Be sure to check what material the aquarium ornament you're buying is made from and how it will affect the pH of your tank - if your heart is set on an ornament you can balance the pH with our wide range of water treatments.