Reef Rock

Reef aquarium rock help and advice

The perfect foundation for a tropical tank

Reef rock is designed to be the perfect home to tropical fish and pseudo-flora, like coral and anemones. These rocks are made from high-quality materials that create a fantastic foundation for any tropical aquascape. Our reef aquarium rock range includes top brand names like Aqua One and D&D.

What is reef aquarium rock?

Reef rock is a man-made rock, it's used to create underwater structures in marine aquariums and is typically built to promote the growth of marine life such as LPS and SPS corals. Artificial rock is popular amongst hobbyists as it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes making it easier for people to create their perfect aquarium feature.

Why should I buy reef aquarium rock?

One of the main benefits of reef rock is that it doesn't come from the ocean so there is zero possibility of introducing pests or nuisance algae into your aquarium. It is also designed to promote the growth of coral and anemones, making it ideal for creating spectacular tropical ecosystems.

What are the main types of reef aquarium rock?

The biggest difference in our reef rock range is between the completely man-made rock and the carved rock. Man-made rock is designed to be completely inert and cause almost no disturbance to your tank water's makeup. On the other hand, carved rock is made from natural rock that has been cleaned and will have a greater impact on the minerals and chemicals in your water, this means that you may need to treat your water to ensure it is safe for your fish.

What should I look for?

There isn't much to consider when it comes to aquarium rock, pick the rock you think would fit into your tank the best and you should be happy. It can be rewarding to do some aquascaping here and plan out where the rock will go in your tank and what you'll grow on it to ensure that your tank has a clean and professional look.