TMC EcoReef Rock Centrepiece

The perfect Centrepiece to create an instant reefscape

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  • Perfect for marine and reef aquariums
  • Made with Reef Safe materials
  • Amazing alternative to live rock
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What is the TMC EcoReef Rock Centrepiece?

The TMC EcoReef Rock Centrepiece is made from Reef Safe materials and will make the perfect centrepiece for your reef aquarium. It is an amazing alternative to live reef rock and will provide your fish with plenty of hiding spaces so will help promote natural behaviours in your marine inhabitants. The surface area provides plenty of space for your to place corals on and for them to grow, and supplies a large area for bacteria loading

Dimensions: Depth 25cm x Width 20cm x Height 31cm

What are the benefits of this EcoReef Rock?

  • Has plenty of space for corals to grow onto
  • Surface is highly porous for adequate bacteria loading
  • Provides plenty of hiding spaces for your fish
  • Designed to fit nano tanks or used as a centrepiece for larger tanks

How will this help your corals?

The TMC EcoReef Rock Centrepiece is ideal for your coral frags as it is designed with actual reefs in mind. They have columns, terraces and fissures which all provide plenty of space for your frags to grow onto. The EcoReef Rock is light-weight and is made using natural materials

The highly porous materials provide plenty of space for the bacteria to call their home which is very beneficial for your aquarium as they are ideal for the biological filtration

This rock decor is designed to be used as a centrepiece in a large reef aquarium but can also be used in a nano reef aquarium to fit the whole tank

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