TMC Coral Cutters

High quality, stainless steel tool for precision coral cutting

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  • Easy and accurate cutting with the spring loaded mechanism
  • Comfortable and durable rubber grip
  • Very high quality tool for precise cutting of your corals
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What are the TMC Reef Coral Cutters?

The TMC Reef Coral Cutters are very high quality, stainless steel tools that allow for precise cutting of your SPS corals. They feature a spring loaded cutting mechanism which allows for easy and accurate cutting and they also feature a secure lock to ensure safety when not in use.

The rubber grips provide comfort and durability and there are two models of the cutters available which make this ideal for small and medium sized SPS corals.

What are the benefits of these cutters?

  • Accurate and easy cutting due to spring loaded mechanism
  • Ensures safe storage as they have a secure lock
  • Rubber grips provide comfort and durability
  • Allows for precise cutting of small and medium SPS corals

IMPORTANT: Make sure to rinse thoroughly with fresh water and dry after every use

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