TMC Reef Flow Nano

The smaller version of the excellent and reliable Reef Flow 2.0

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  • Super compact design
  • Low voltage
  • Simple manual control
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What is the TMC Reef Flow Nano?

The TMC Reef Flow Nano is the smaller version of the excellent and reliable Reef Flow 2.0, it comes with a manual controller that is simple to use and offers three pre-set wave patterns and three interchangeable nozzles for three different water flow patterns making it suitable for a variety of reef systems and styles.

Key features:

  • Available in two sizes
  • Easy to set up and install
  • Resistant to calcium build-up
  • Three preset wave patterns
  • Comes with a simple manual controller to control pumps individually

Why is circulation important in a marine aquarium?

The circulation and water movement caused by the pump is key in marine aquariums as it helps nourish your corals by bringing nutrients to them. Due to the built-in anti-vibration quiet operation pads, the pump is nearly rendered silent. Although the silence does not affect the capabilities of the pump as it is still very powerful as the pumps have a 1000L/h flow and a 2000L/h flow respectively

How do I set up the Reef Flow Nano?

The TMC Reef Flow Nano is very easy to set up and manage with fantastic safety features along with three pre-set wave modes and nozzles which makes it a natural choice for any reefkeeper.

What’s the difference between the models in this range?

There are two models in the Reef Flow Nano 2.0 range; 1000 and 2000. The models are named after their flow rates per hour similar to the Reef Flow 2.0 range. The lower flow rates make them perfect for those smaller marine tanks that were just a little bit too small for the pumps in the larger Reef Flow 2.0 range.

How do I manage the Reef Flow Nano?

Each TMC Reef Flow Nano 2.0 comes with a simple manual controller that can be used to control the pumps individually, although you can connect your pump to another model from the manual control. This allows you to connect as many pumps as you like to one central pump which you can then control all the pumps from this. However, you could also make slight adjustments to any pump individually as they all have independent manual controls and you can also change any of the interchangeable nozzles on the pumps to create varied flow patterns.

What other features does the Reef Flow Nano have?

The TMC Reef Flow Nano 2.0 range has a lot of added safety designs to make sure that your marine aquarium is completely safe and ensures the durability of the hardware. It has an extremely compact design at just 39mm protruding into the aquarium along with a built-in cage that will keep out almost all fish and corals.

The pump has a unique cooling system built-in into it and an innovative impeller design that is resistant to calcium buildup and will also prevent detritus from collecting.

What are the preset wave patterns of the Reef Flow Nano?

The three preset wave patterns that it comes with are;

  • Continuous stream mode: This causes a continuous flow which can evenly distribute nutrients throughout the tank creating high-quality water.
  • Reef mode: This creates a natural wave which is similar to those found within a coral reef. This creates a natural environment for your fish allowing them to show natural behaviours and allows them to thrive.
  • Pulse mode: This recreates the conditions found near the surface of the ocean by creating long sustained periods of flows and breaks.

Each TMC Reef Flow model includes three nozzles that range from a narrow to a wide focus. The intensity of each mode can be increased by 10% increments using the controller. 

All this allows you to create the ideal water flow pattern for your marine aquarium by mixing and matching the different types of modes, intensities and nozzles.

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