Rock & Pebbles

Aquarium rocks and pebbles help and advice

Create depth and texture in your aquascape

We stock a selection of real rocks suitable for aquariums. Popular among industry-leading aquascapers, these beautiful rocks are perfect for those wishing to decorate their fish tank with a rocky landscape. Our aquarium rocks and pebbles range features popular brands like Aqua One, BiOrb, Pennplax and our own high-quality products.

What are aquarium rocks and pebbles?

Aquarium rocks and pebbles are either synthetic or natural rocks that have been designed specifically for use in aquariums, they are clean and made up of water-resistant materials so they won't spread any disease in your tank or dissolve after a couple of hours. Some natural rocks can carry minerals that will affect the makeup of the water within your tank but this can be offset by various water treatments.

Why should I buy aquarium rocks and pebbles?

Adding live rock to your aquarium can add depth and texture, especially when mixed with plants, whether real or artificial. You can create scenes as natural or imaginative as you wish. Fish also enjoy exploring any rocks and finding new hiding places or shelters, it can help keep them stimulated and prevent them from becoming bored.

What are the main types of aquarium rocks and pebbles?

There are two types of aquarium rocks and pebbles, those that have been synthetically made and those that haven't. Synthetic rocks are more inert and are unlikely to make any difference to the water around them. However, natural rocks carry a variety of minerals and may well change the content of various chemicals in the water, which can be either beneficial or detrimental to the health of the fish.

What should I look for?

It's best to choose the aquarium rocks and pebbles that appeal to you and fit in with the tank you're trying to create. While you can plan a themed aquascape for a professional finish, you will always get more enjoyment from whichever rocks appeal to you first and foremost. It's as simple as that.