Aquarium Foreground Plants

Foreground Plants Help and Advice

The art of aquascaping

Foreground plants will make your planted aquarium really stand out. Having live plants in your fish tank is beneficial to your fish's health by providing oxygen, essential nutrients, and shelter. We have a variety of foreground plants from leading manufacturer Tropica.

What are foreground plants?

Foreground plants are the plants you place at the front of the tank - they are ideally aquatic plants that are placed at the base of a hardscape layout, near the midground area.

Why should I buy foreground plants?

There are many species of foreground plants available, ranging from vibrant reds to bright greens to fit in with any aquascape. Foreground plants can be attached to rocks and wood and will begin to grow and spread throughout the tank.

What are the main types of foreground plants?

All plants are different and have different needs. Some require a lot of light, fertilizer and CO2. Others will thrive with almost no help. All of our Tropica plants are marked with patented symbols that inform you about the difficulty of the plants. This way you can easily overview and choose the right plants for your aquarium.

What features should you look out for?

Before you get planting, we recommend researching how to arrange your plants and which ones are best for the foreground. Do you want a lushly planted tank that is completely filled with green? Or do you just want to add a few plants to accent your d├ęcor? Deciding how you want the finished product to look is instrumental in your choice of plants. Staurogyne Repens is a fresh green, compact and hardy plant for the foreground of the aquarium. It has a low and bushy stature and small green leaves.

What accessories might I need?

As carpet plants require good levels of lighting to thrive, good flow will help to provide CO2 to the bottom areas of your aquarium where your carpet plants can absorb it. It will be beneficial to invest in CO2 kits and light tubes that are specially designed for plant growth to help your aquascape come to life.