Tropica Nymphoides hydrophylla 'Taiwan' 1-2-Grow!

Live Crest floating-heart plant for decoration and fish stimulation

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  • Large and impressive live Taiwan plant for freshwater aquariums
  • Easy to grow with a rapid growth rate
  • Pre-portioned 15-25cm plants
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Nymphoides hydrophylla 'Taiwan' grows in Asia and Africa - and this variant of the species originates from southern Taiwan. Its common name is Crested floating-heart and the rosette plant can become 15-25 cm tall and 10-15 cm wide. This variant is characterised by many underwater leaves and the intense, light-green, transparent colour of the plant. The plant is fast-growing and it is necessary to thin out the leaves (remove oldest leaves and surface leaves). The plant is easy to care for under varying conditions, but for optimal growth, it requires a lot of nourishment. The new plant grows from the plates of old leaves.

Common name Crested floating-heart
Type Bulb/onion
Growth rate High
Origin Asia
Height 15-30cm+
Light demand Low - 0.5W/L
CO2 demand Medium - 6-14 mg/L
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