Aquarium Plant Fertiliser

Aquarium Plant Fertiliser Help and Advice

Bring out the true beauty of your aquarium's plants

If you want your plants to really thrive and not just survive, aquarium fertiliser is packed with nutrients that aquatic plants require to grow and live. At Swell UK, we have a range of simple but highly effective fertilisers from expert manufacturers API, Seachem and Easy Life.

What is aquarium plant fertiliser?

Aquarium plant fertilisers contain a high dose of nutrients and provide a boost that aids health and growth. Make sure your aquatic plants are in the best possible condition by using fertiliser, alongside your CO2 systems.

Why should I buy aquarium plant fertiliser?

Creating a healthy aquarium is not only about fish, but it's about plants too. Live plants require nutrients to grow and rapidly consume nutrients from the water. These nutrients must be replaced to ensure your plants continue to grow and thrive, here you can see our available nutrient-rich plant food and fertilisers.

What are the main types of aquarium plant fertilisers?

In terms of the actual nutrients in aquarium plant fertilisers, there are quite a few different types. They contain nitrogen, phosphorus, iron, and other nutrients, either as mixtures, or more concentrated forms for heavier dosing on heavily planted tanks. Finally, there are liquid carbon dioxide supplements, such as Easy Life Easy Carbo.

What features should you look out for?

Fertiliser can be added via tablets or liquid directly into the tank, for superb results whereas substrates that mimic the natural habitat of aquatic plants, such as tropical plant life can form the ideal base. The Swell Aquatic Fertiliser Balls are full of natural nutrients that plant life can thrive on, and adding them to your soil ensures it is rich in minerals and can support strong plant growth. They provide food straight to the roots of your plants.

What accessories should I buy with aquarium plant fertilisers?

For better plant growth we recommend using an aquatic soil substrate. Not suitable for large, messy fish that dig, stick to small, plant-friendly fish and just like in your garden, a rich bed of soil is the best way to grow your aquatic plants. Plants take in CO2 as they photosynthesize and release oxygen. Another tip is to add extra CO2 to the water and they will grow faster, stronger and healthier, and there are a number of ways you can do this. Use soil, healthy plants, light, CO2 and liquid fertiliser and even demanding aquatic plant species will grow, thrive and enhance your aquarium.