CO2 Sets

CO2 Sets Help and Advice

Regulate CO2 in your planted aquarium

In an aquarium, plants thrive on the carbon dioxide produced by the fish while the fish feed on plant matter and also take cover underneath it. However, too much or too little CO2 will affect plants. Our range of CO2 sets, featuring products from Fluval and JBL, enhance plant growth which in turn helps ensure a healthy, safe environment for your fish and other inhabitants.

What are CO2 sets?

CO2 sets are the perfect accessory for planted aquariums to help achieve and maintain strong, healthy and attractive aquatic plant life. They can regulate the amount of CO2 that is given and many kits allow you to adjust the range to suit your fish and plants.

Why should I buy CO2 sets?

Plants boost the aquarium with vital oxygen for the aquarium dwellers, prevent algae growth and remove pollutants. CO2 systems supply the plants with the main nutrient CO2, through the water. This helps improve the water quality, boost the health of both fish and plants, and also keep algae and related compounds at bay.

What are the main types of CO2 sets?

These great value for money kits provide aquatic plants with the appropriate levels of carbon dioxide to help them to thrive. We have a wide range suitable for all sizes of aquariums. If you have a smaller set-up, the Fluval Pressurised CO2 Kit is an ideal choice, including everything you need to grow and maintain lush aquatic plants. If you have a larger, more complex aquarium, the larger kits such as the JBL CO2 range, include a 500g filled canister, permanent CO2 level indicator and all the fittings and valves needed.

What accessories should I buy with CO2 sets?

Our great value for money CO2 sets provides aquatic plants with the appropriate levels of carbon dioxide to help them to thrive. Spare cartridges are available, so you need never run out.