JBL M2003 CO2 Set

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A more complete CO2 system for planted aquariums, this JBL M2003 CO2 Set features a more exact delivery system as well as the hoses and diffusers needed to get your planted aquarium thriving.


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Product Information

Nutrition for aquarium plants:
Plants provide the aquarium with vital oxygen for the aquarium dwellers, prevent algae growth, remove pollutants, provide hiding places and reduce pathogens. The JBL plant fertiliser systems supply the plants with the main nutrient CO2 through the water. They absorb this through their leaves.

These CO2 systems are extremely easy to install, the system comes completely ready for connection, screw the pressure reducer onto the CO2 storage cylinder. Connect the pressure reducer with the hose to the pH controller and from there over the bubble counter/check valve to the diffuser in the aquarium. The CO2 enters the aquarium and is dissolved in the water by the diffuser.

The storage cylinder is TÜV tested and is equipped with an over-pressure relief. Thanks to the check valve no water can enter the cylinder. The enclosed stand prevents the cylinder from falling over. The capacity of a CO2 system depends on various factors. The carbonate hardness, the quantity and species of the plants and the strength of the water surface movement are decisive. A 500 g cylinder in its default setting lasts for about 4 months.

  • CO2 fertiliser system with pH control device for the automatic feeding of fast and slow growing plants in freshwater aquariums up to 1000l.
  • Easy to use and efficient: refillable 2 kg cylinder. Simple assembly, no separate water pump required, convertible into disposable system.
  • Professional water care, automatic control: exact dosing with pressure reducer, even release, effective distribution thanks to expandable diffuser. Check: bubble counter with check valve. Residual pressure display on pressure gauge.
  • TÜV tested storage cylinder, pressure cylinder with over-pressure relief. No falling over of cylinder due to stand. Hose screw connection prevents hose from slipping, check valve prevents entering of water into the cylinder.
  • Package contents includes: ProFlora m2003, fitting, stand, pressure reducer, pH controller (pH sensor not included), diffuser, bubble counter, hose, backflow stop, incl. refillable 2 kg cylinder.

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