Compact Bulbs

Compact aquarium bulbs help and advice

Save space without sacrificing lighting.

While LED bulbs can be relatively small, any aquarium set-up requiring fluorescent lighting may struggle to fit the normally long bulbs in, especially if the tank is small or oddly shaped. To solve this problem, we sell a range of compact bulbs, about a third of the size of regular bulbs with the same amount of output to ensure your aquatic plants get plenty of light for photosynthesis.

What are compact aquarium bulbs?

Compact aquarium bulbs are space-saving bulbs that are smaller than regular fluorescent aquarium bulbs. Depending on the bulb, they can produce regular sunlight, tropical light or marine light. Our compact bulbs come in both 11W and 18W models.

Why should I buy compact aquarium bulbs?

When you're building a small aquarium it's all about calculating the space each piece of hardware is going to take up and ensuring that the fish will be comfortable. If you need to save space within your aquarium, a compact aquarium bulb is a brilliant choice as it only takes up a third of the space of a regular fluorescent bulb.

What are the main types of compact aquarium bulbs?

There are three main types of compact aquarium bulbs, sunlight, tropical and marine. Sunlight compact aquarium bulbs produce white light, ideal for plant life. Tropical light produces a spectrum that will intensify fish colours. Marine light is blue and will promote the colours of marine and some tropical fish.

What should I look for?

Consider the Wattage of your bulb and whether you need a sunlight, tropical or marine bulb for your tank. It's also important to consider your light fitting and ensure that the bulb your buying will fit in your tank and light fitting.