Aquarium Pipework and Fittings

Pipework and fittings help and advice

Easy to build and flexible pipework

Durable, reliable pipework and accessories ensure a watertight connection between your aquarium and hardware. Our range of Eheim pipework and fittings has everything you'll need to run water between your various tanks, reservoirs and pumps.

What are pipework and fittings?

Aquarium pipework is made up of pieces of tubing designed to carry water at a reasonable level of pressure between the various vessels and pieces of hardware within your aquarium. The pipework is flexible so you can manoeuvre it, like a hosepipe, wherever you need it to be. Aquarium fittings are just small fixtures that help to keep the pipework in place and stop it from forming a kink.

Why should I buy pipework and fittings?

If you are running any external aquarium hardware or reservoirs you'll likely need some pipework and fittings to run the water to and from your tank. Pipework and fittings are low cost and durable so there's little reason to find an alternative. Fittings may not be needed, but they allow you to organise your pipework for a cleaner, more professional, finish.

What are the main types of pipework and fittings?

Our pipework comes in three different tubing sizes; 12-16mm, 16-22mm and 19-27mm. Depending on your hardware, and the sizes of tubing it's compatible with, you may need to buy a specific tubing size. We also sell installation sets in our range, like the Eheim Installation Sets 1, these sets are designed to act as intakes for your piping system and are easy to set up without the need for drilling into your tank.

What should I look for?

There's not much else to think about when it comes to pipework and fittings. Carefully plan each part of your aquarium set up and check the sizes of tubing each piece of hardware you own is compatible with. As you plan you will be able to create a list of the pipework you require and how much you'll need.