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Eheim Installation Sets 2

Tubing set for Eheim filtration systems

At a glance...
  • Installation tubing for Eheim filtration systems
  • Modular design can adapt to most aquariums
  • Quick-release couplings for easy cleaning
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The connecting pipes simply replace the usual connectors on the pressure side of the filters and give various outflow possibilities.

Suitable for all makes of external filters:

  • Modular assembly, suitable for all aquarium heights and external filters.
  • Simple and safe tube connections with the new quick-release coupling.
  • Trouble-free cleaning of hoses.
  • Simple air discharge.

Spray Bar length : 330mm : will fit : 50mm wide tanks edges.

Extension Set 2: Contains 2 x 10cm straight spray bar sections plus extra end blank to allow you to extend either 12mm or 16mm Installation Kits.

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