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Evolution Aqua Aquascaper Glass Pipe Set

Keep your aquarium running without ruining your aquascape

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At a glance...
  • Invisible glass inlet and outlet pipes for aquariums
  • Designed to ensure high-quality filtration without blocking your aquascape
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit all aquariums
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Evolution Aqua AquaScaper Glass Pipe Set is available in either 12mm or 16mm pipe size, and perfect for external canister filters to provide almost invisible viewing. Designed to fit either 12mm or 16mm flexible hose (not included), this glass pipe set ensures high quality filtration within your aquarium.

The key to the Aquscaper Glass Pipe set is the inbuilt floating surface skimmer, which self-adjusts to the water level within your aquarium, and removes any surface film from the tank. Not only does this ensure a better aesthetic for your tank, but it also improves the gaseous exchange at the surface whilst removing floating organics.

This Glass Pipe Set means you can have glass inlets and outlets, and surface skimming without having to fit a separate pump driven skimmer. It features a unique adjuster on the inlet, allowing the direction of flow either through the surface skimmer, or bottom scavenging strainer to be controller by a simple twist.

Key Features:

  • Inlet and outlet provided in the set
  • Fits either 12/16mm or 16/22mm pipework
  • Includes floating surface skimmer
  • Adjustable inlet strainer
  • High quality clear glass
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