Aquarium Algae Treatments

Aquarium Algae Treatments Help and Advice

Avoid algae overgrowth

At Swell UK, we carry algae treatments to help you combat one of the most common aquarium problems that fish tank owners face. Algae can be a fishkeeper's worst nightmare and can result in polluted water and even the loss of fish if it gets really bad. Keep your tank clear with top algae treatment brands like King British, Interpet and JBL.

What are aquarium algae treatments?

Algae thrive on nitrates, ammonia and high CO2 levels, especially if your tank receives a lot of direct sunlight. They colour the water a nasty green, turn it cloudy and starve your fish of oxygen. Algae treatments eliminate cloudy water caused by phosphates within your aquarium and prevent algae growth by consuming the nutrients and then removing those organisms.

Why might I buy aquarium algae treatments?

Whether you're new to the hobby or a seasoned aquarist, the prospect of an algae problem can be daunting. However, it is very common as algae thrive on water, nutrients and sunshine. All of which can be found in your aquarium. Used promptly, the right treatments can both keep algae at bay and remove it altogether.

What are the main types of aquarium algae treatments?

Algae treatments are essential products to help maintain a fish tank. They remove green, brown and slimy algae to ensure you can keep your aquarium healthy. We carry treatments designed to help you prevent the main causes of algae in your fish tank, keeping your water clearer and aiding you in avoiding algae deposits on your aquarium glass. Some of our treatments even help your corals grow by reducing phosphate levels and letting calcium develop in the corals.

What accessories should I buy with aquarium algae treatments?

Algae treatments can be particularly effective when used alongside other treatments and additives to maintain the quality of the water. It is a good idea to regularly test the water using appropriate test kits so that you can keep an eye on your water quality.