AquaVitro Bond

A unique low-melting temperature adhesive plastic to fuse rocks together

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  • Used to secure coral to rockwork
  • Non-toxic
  • No impact on aquarium chemistry
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What is AquaVitro Bond?

AquaVitro Bond is a unique low-melting temperature adhesive plastic that can be used to fuse rocks together for more stable foundations or can be used to secure corals to rockwork.

What are the benefits of this adhesive?

  • Completely non-toxic and inert with no impact on the chemistry of the aquarium water
  • Much safer and easier to work with than most other adhesive plastics
  • Can be reheated and reworked

      The AquaVitro Bond has no impact on the aquarium chemistry and is completely non-toxic. It is also much safer and easier to use than any similar products due to the much lower melting temperature.

      The bond can also be reheated and reworked if any mistakes are made and can be done multiple times until the desired results have been achieved

      How do I use this adhesive?

      1. Add the desired amount of AquaVitro Bond to hot water, taking care not to overheat the Bond and do not boil the water.

      2. The Bond will slowly change from white to clear in the hot water as it melts and clumps together. Once it has become clear it will be ready to work.

      3. Remove from water and knead to remove any trapped water or air. It can now be worked into the desired shape to secure the corals to the rocks or to bond the desired rockwork together

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