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Ciano Water Bio-Bact

Keep your filtration bacteria working at their best

At a glance...
  • Chemical treatment to enhance filtration bacteria
  • Contains a mix of different filtration bacteria
  • 10ml of solution will treat 300l of water
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Water Bio-Bact contains a mix of different live bacteria, that naturally break down ammonia and nitrites within your aquarium water, which helps to correct the aquarium balances. This optimisation of the biological filtration, and improvement of the water quality, improves the entire aquarium ecosystem.

This comes as 100ml treatment, and should be shaken well before use to ensures true mixture. Add 10ml for every 300l of water, ideally near the filter outlet to provide a good spread. As this is completely natural bacterias, it cannot be overdosed, and can be used as required - whenever your ammonia and nitrite levels are high, this will help to quickly stabilise and balance your tank.

This treatment is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater systems.

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