D&D DC-2200 Aquarium Chiller 1000-2200ltrs

Ensure your marine tank stays at just the right temperature

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  • Aquarium cooler that processes 1000-2200 l of water
  • Pure titanium heat exchanger/evaporator
  • Low running noise and highly efficient
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If you have a large capacity aquarium, this is the chiller for you. The D&D DC-2200 can process a massive amount of water, between 1000-2200 litres. Manufactured by a market leader, this D&D unit combines top quality with a reputation for the best performance. With a long list of new and impressive features, including a microcomputer control system and memory temperature system, the DC-2200 will ensure that your fish stay cool and protected from the heat of your lights and during even the hottest weather.

The DC-2200 is the most recent and impressive step forward in the way you can refrigerate your aquarium water with pinpoint precision, which will also reduce your running costs. It boasts a microcomputer with user-friendly control to allow you to control the temperature easily. It also has a memory system so in the event of a power cut and a cut off device that will avoid overheating.

The DC-2200 has been designed to look stylish and blend into any system. It is also built to last with a metal frame and thanks to its anti-vibration properties it won't move or shake. This also means it runs quietly and won't disturb the environment. Please note that the chiller should be placed 20-50cm from the side of the cabinet.

Thanks to the pure titanium heat exchangers impressive anti-corrosive features, the DC-750 is the ideal chiller for use with both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. It will require a pump, which is not included.

Key Features:

  • Microcomputer control - for accuracy and ease of use.
  • Pure titanium heat exchanger / evaporator - extreme anti-corrosion properties.
  • Low running noise.
  • Highly efficient.
  • Superior quality condenser.
  • Robust metal chassis.
  • Contemporary design.
Dimensions 520 x 400 x 480mm
Guarantee 1 year
Max flow rate 1500-4000lph
Cooling power 2200W
Outlet/inlet pipe 22mm
Frequency 50Hz
Current 3.2 amps
Water refrigerated 1000-2200 litres
Refrigerant R134a - environmentally friendly - Freon free
Weight 31.3kg
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