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Dr Tim's Aquatics Eco-Balance Marine

Keep your marine aquarium free of unfriendly bacteria

At a glance...
  • Marine aquarium treatment to improve water quality
  • Contains 100% natural bacteria to block out unfriendly bacteria
  • A range of sizes to stock up on
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The normal processes in an aquarium cause the system to become unbalanced, allowing unfriendly bacteria and algae to dominate and negatively impact water quality. Dr Tim's Eco-Balance uses friendly, 100% natural, probiotic bacteria to help reduce the number of bad bacteria in your aquarium. Use Eco-Balance on a weekly basis to restore and maintain a clean, balanced and healthy aquarium.

120ml (4oz) treats 454ltrs (120gal).

240ml (8oz) treats 908ltrs (240gal).

Key Features:

  • Maintains a balanced, healthy aquarium environment.
  • Blocks out unfriendly bacteria.
  • Promotes optimal water quality.
  • 100% Natural.

If you are looking to restore a freshwater tank, check out Dr Tim's Freshwater Eco-Balance tank treatment.

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