Eheim Air Pumps

Quiet aquarium air pumps for freshwater and marine aquariums

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  • Oxygenating aquarium air pumps
  • Adjustable and extremely quiet power output
  • Three sizes available
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What are Eheim Air Pumps?

Eheim Air Pumps are powerful air pumps that create a constant airflow in your aquarium to ensure that your fish have plenty of oxygen. While the power output of each unit is quite high, it is extremely quiet and adjustable in all three models, with individually adjustable air outlets on the two larger ones in the range and a single outlet on the smallest model.

All of the Eheim Air Pumps are supplied fully equipped with air hoses and Eheim outflow units included, so you can set to work immediately installing it and creating your own individual bubble effect. The unit is designed to either sit on vibration-reducing rubber feet or hang by a hole in the top of the unit on your wall or even aquarium glass.

What is the difference between the Eheim Air Pumps?

There are three models in the Eheim air pump range, the 100, 200 and 400. As you go up through the range of the three models, the pump air-flow level increases moving more litres of air - the Eheim Air Pump 100 has a 100 l/h flow rate, the Eheim Air Pump 200 has a 200 l/h flow rate and the Eheim Air Pump has a 400 l/h flow rate.

The amount of airline (sometimes called air hose) supplied and the number of airline connections also increase through the range. All models are easily adjusted and include a supplied Eheim outflow unit.



Brand Eheim
Guarantee 3 years
Suitable for freshwater aquariums? Yes
Suitable for marine aquariums? Yes


Product Air diffusor Airline Airline connection Litres per hour
100 1 1m 1 50-100lph
200 2 2m 2 200lph
400 2 2m 2 400lph
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