Eheim Plant Tongs 600mm / 400mm

Carry out aquarium maintenance quickly and simply

At a glance...
  • Tongs with a spring loaded trimmer great for handling aquarium plants
  • Ideal for feeding bottom dwellers
  • Tongs are available in two sizes: 40cm and 60cm
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Eheim Plant Tongs are a top quality accessory that will help you to carry out aquarium maintenance quickly and simply.

The tongs are available in two sizes; 40cm and 60cm. Each has a spring loaded trimmer, so they are perfect for everyday maintenance.

Ideal uses:

  • Trimming stems or dead leaves
  • Moving plants within the tank
  • Reaching difficult areas
  • Feeding sea water creatures that dwell at the bottom of the aquarium

The Eheim Plant Tongs have a long shaft so that you don't need to get your sleeves or even hands wet.

Product Size
Eheim Plant Tongs 400mm 40cm
Eheim Plant Tongs 600mm 60cm
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