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  • Complete diet for shrimp
  • A robust pellet made from algae and vegetables
  • Designed to enhance the exoskeleton of your shrimp
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The Shrimp Stick from FishScience helps to cater for the new aquarium hobbyist, those keeping aquascaped planted aquariums with either little or no fish, but a host of invertebrates to help them keep it clean. This Shimp Stick comes in a 60g tub, and comes as the densest pellet from their range, enabling it to sink effectively, for true target feeding.

This diet is packed with algae and vegetables, along with added calcium and required minerals to ensure top health for the exoskeleton of your Shrimp. The sticks themselves are around 4mm long, and are designed to sink straight away, and like the algae wafers, will take a while to soften, so shouldn't break down naturally in the water. They are perfect for the grazing invertebrates, and ensure optimum health of your entire tank.

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