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  • Economical daily diet for Koi
  • 38% protein and suitable for temperatures of 11°C or above
  • A variety of sizes to stock up on
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Hikari Koi Friend is a complete and balanced diet that is suitable for daily feeding, offering premium quality nutrition for an excellent value. This is suitable for use in temperatures above 11°C, and is suitable for Koi and Goldfish, ideal for mixed community ponds.

This floating pellet is available in two sizes, a medium pellet (approx 5mm) and a larger pellet (approx 8-9mm), and allows you easy monitoring of your fish whilst they are eating at the surface. This is manufacturer from premium quality ingredients, and will not cloud you water. Added extras such as Vitamin C also act as an immune booster, benefited throughout the year.

To feed, offer a small amount that can be consumed within a few minutes. If it is all gone within 1 - 2 minutes, add a small amount more, but avoid over feeding, and always remove any uneaten food after a few minutes, to prevent it breaking down and affecting water quality.

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein min 28%, Crude Fat min 3%, Crude Fiber max 4%, Moisture max 10%, Ash max 8%, Phosphorus min 0.5%

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