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JBL NovoPleco XL 250ml

Specially designed for algae/plant grazing Plecos

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  • Tailor made chips for larger catfish
  • With 10% wood fibre for digestion
  • Retain their shape in water
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Larger Plecos of 12 - 50cm in size require a larger diet than smaller fish in the species.

The JBL NovoPleco XL is designed especially to satisfy the larger appetite. It contains wheat germ, spirulina algae, green vegetable matter and 10% wood fibres, making a highly nutritious diet. The tough pellets sink to the bottom to the bottom of the tank where bottom dwellers can forage for them easily.

The NovoPleco XL tablets retain their shape in water so that more timid fish can also feed. The tablets contain vitamin C and other vital nutrients to support healthy growth and resistance to disease.

Key Features:

  • Specially designed algae/plant grazing plecos.
  • Particularly hard chips which have to be gnawed at, (as in the wild).
  • With 10% wood fibre which many plecos need for digestion.
  • Retain their shape in water i.e the chips do not disintegrate and dis colour the water.
  • Approx, 4 times bigger than "normal" JBL NovoPlec Chips.
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