Jecod Wi-Fi MOW Pumps

An outstanding app-controllable wavemaker pump

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  • Compact size with high flow rates
  • App-controllable
  • Energy efficient
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What are Jecod Wi-Fi MOW Pumps?

The Jecob Wi-Fi MOW Pumps are an app-controllable wavemaker pump that comes complete with a dual interface controller allowing settings to be adjusted from the controller or even remotely via the Jebao Aqua App.

What are the benefits of these pumps?

The pumps have a very compact form and have a high flow output and can be positioned securely in almost any position in your aquarium as they come with a magnetic mount bracket that has pivot points which allows you to adjust the angle and direction of the flow.

How does the Smart Wi-Fi Controller work?

The Smart Wi-Fi Controller comes with many settings so you can find the wave that is best for you, for example:

  1. The ‘Mode’ button allows you to change the wave mode option.
  2. The ‘Up/Down’ keys allow you to increase or decrease the frequency of the waves.

It also shows the current maximum power setting so you can set it to what you would like to be more energy efficient.

Multiple wave options are available by using the app or by using the controller, these include; Classic, Sine, Random, or Constant.

Classic: Can choose between two flow options; ‘Pulse’ in which the pump will quickly alternate between a set minimum operating speed and a settable maximum (Between 30 and 100) and ‘Cross Flow’ in which the pump will switch between being off and a settable maximum flow rate

Sine: The pump will alternate between two set points creating a gentle wave, perfect for more LPS or soft coral-dominated aquariums as it simulates deeper reefs and calm lagoon environments.

Random: A completely random wave pattern is created by the controller and the pump will switch and pulse at different time intervals to create a flow that is constantly changing and that simulates a more chaotic environment. Detritus can build up when flow patterns follow a constant repeating cycle so this mode would be good to prevent that.

Constant: This option is always on and creates a steady constant flow. The power level can be set to create a more intense flow or to create a more gentle one.

How does the pump work with the Jebao Aqua App?

The pump is completely controllable via the Jebao Aqua App with all the options that appear on the controller also appearing on the App along with a few more, these include:

  • Timer mode - which allows you to set different wave patterns or power levels throughout a 24 hour period. This allows you to set up night modes or have a change in conditions throughout the day to simulate a more natural environment.
  • Feed mode - which can be added into the schedule which will pause the circulation at set times so you can feed your fish.


Maximum Flow Rates Pump Dimensions Magnet Mount Specification Power Rating
MOW-5: 5000 L/H MOW-5: 52mm diameter x 70mm MOW-5: Suitable for glass up to 8mm MOW-5: 24V, 12W
MOW-9: 9000 L/H MOW-9: 66mm diameter x 82mm MOW-9: Suitable for glass up to 12mm MOW-9: 24V, 23W
MOW-16: 16000 L/H MOW-16: 80mm diameter x 97mm MOW-16: Suitable for glass up to 15mm MOW-16: 24V, 23W
MOW-22: 22000 L/H MOW-22: 94mm diameter x 120mm MOW-22: Suitable for glass up to 19mm MOW-22: 24V, 50W
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