Maxspect Nano Tech Bio Blocks

High surface area media creating an ideal location for beneficial bacteria

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  • Pack of 2 blocks each treating 1425L of water
  • Creates the ideal surface for dense populations of beneficial bacteria
  • Suitable for freshwater and marine aquariums
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What are the Maxspect Nano Tech Bio Blocks?

The Maxspect Nano Tech Bio Blocks are ceramic blocks with an ultra-high surface area to reduce the amount of biomedia you need to cycle the nutrients in your aquarium. These blocks will replace a large amount of live rock in your tank, which allows you plenty of room to decorate your aquarium however you would like. With a very high surface area of 1,080m² (11,635ft²), these blocks have plenty of room to allow beneficial bacterial colonies to form, which aid in removing ammonia and nitrates from the water of your aquarium.

What are the benefits of this product?

  • Will reduce the amount of biomedia needed in your aquarium
  • Suitable for all types of filters, sumps or for placing directly into the aquarium
  • Can be cleaned and reused multiple times.

How do these Blocks help your aquarium?

The Nano Tech Bio Blocks have been specially made to contain a high surface area whilst taking up as smaller space as possible. Made of excellent quality materials, they provide a suitable environment for fungi and bacteria to grow, without decomposing the block. These blocks are also suitable for all filter and sump types, or you can simply place it directly into your aquarium. Whilst making maintenance easy, these blocks are also extremely cost effective, as they are reusable when cleaned. You will only need to clean or replace these blocks once every 6 months, making sure to only clean half of the blocks in the tank at a time, to allow sufficient bacteria to remain. You can use these blocks in either freshwater or saltwater aquariums. This biomedia uses technology developed by the sewage treatment industry which has a proven record of nutrient removal of waste water. Each box contains 2 blocks and each block can treat up to 1425L of water.

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