CaribSea Eco Complete African Cichlid Substrate

A great way to add minerals and bacteria to your cichlid aquarium

At a glance...
  • A mineral-rich substrate addition for cichlid aquariums
  • Pre-enriched with live water-purifying bacteria
  • Contains trace minerals to enrich your water
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Caribsea Eco Complete African Cichlid Substrate is designed to make sure that your Cichlids have just the right environment to thrive.

This substrate replicates the conditions of their natural habitat, the African Rift Lake. It contains all of the trace elements that these fish need such as calcium, magnesium and more.

The substrate is black and white in colour, which in turn promotes natural, rich colours in the fish.

Just one bag of this Complete African Cichlid Substrate contains the same surface area as four bags of normal sand or gravel. This means that healthy bacteria has a huge area in which to thrive and improve the water quality via biological filtration.

This amazing substrate is ready to use with no need to rinse. It arrives packed in a water conditioning solution, which keeps it in prime condition and removes any chlorine too. This lessens the chance of fish stress which can lead to disease.

Key Features:

  • Contains live water-purifying bacteria
  • Four times more surface area of bacteria than normal gravel
  • Adds calcium, magnesium and carbonate
  • Buffers for the life of the aquarium
  • Salt 'n' pepper colour encourages rich colour in fish
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