NT Labs Koi Care Koi Calm

Calm the fish when being treated or inspected

At a glance...
  • Gentle fish sedative
  • Reduces stress
  • Makes fish easier to handle
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NT Labs Koi Calm is a gentle sedative designed to calm the fish down so that it can be handled easily for treatment and/or transportation.

Koi Calm slows the fish down which reduces stress when you need to examine the fish, treat or move it. If a fish becomes stressed, it is much more likely to develop infections or diseases.

Key Features:

  • Reduces Fish Stress
  • Calms the Fish when being treated or inspected
  • Gentle Sedative

Instructions for use:

Dose at rate of 10 drops to every 5 litres of water for holding fish while calming - expose for 5- 10 minutes until placid

After sedation and return to untreated water take care to irrigate water through the gills for quick recovery, moving fish while holding or by pouring water gently through mouth / gills - do not release until upright and able to swim.

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