Oase FiltoSmart Thermo External Filters

Convenient and flexible thermo external filters

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  • External filters suitable for tanks from 54-300 l
  • Come with a hidden built-in heater
  • 3-year guarantee, max flow rates of up to 1000 lph
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Oase Thermo FiltoSmart is a convenient and flexible aquarium filter from 60 to 300 litres. It has a high filter volume and is also available with or without the built-in HeatUp adjustable heater.

Filter media can be simply removed from FiltoSmart and serviced accordingly. A practical tip when introducing the ceramic substrate is to cover the heater tube when introducing the ceramic substrate; this prevents the substrate from getting into the heater tube.

Comes complete with all filter media, hoses, adaptor, flow regulator intake, outflow tube and water diffuser.

Model 100 - Dimensions 286 x 192 x 190mm. Max flow rate 600l Per hour. Recommended for aquariums up to 100L. Complete with 100w heater.

Model 200 - Dimensions 372 x 294 x 248mm. Max flow rate 800l Per hour. Recommended for aquariums up to 200L. Complete with 200w heater.

Model 300 - Dimensions 462 x 290 x 246mm. Max flow rate 1000l Per hour. Recommended for aquariums up to 300L. Complete with 300w heater.

All these filters are guaranteed for 3 years and are fully suitable for both freshwater and marine aquariums. Also available from Swell UK is the Oase Carbon Filter Media. Replacement Foams and the Ceramic Filter Media.

Model Thermo FiltoSmart 100 Thermo FiltoSmart 200 Thermo FiltoSmart 300
Suitable for aquariums up to max. 100 l 200 l 300 l
Dimensions L:205 x W:139 x H:260 mm L:288 x W:179 x H:337 mm L:288 x W:179 x H:428 mm
Voltage 230V 230V 230V
Power 11W 17W 23W
Power consumption filter + heater 11 + 100W 17 + 200W 23 + 300W
Power cable length 1.50 m 1.50 m 1.50 m
Weight 2.25 kg 4.40 kg 5.12 kg
Gurantee 3 year 3 year 3 year
Max. flow rate 600 lph 800 lph 1000 lph
Max. head height 1.10 m 1.10 m 1.30 m
Hose 1 unit @ 2.5 m 1 unit @ 2.5 m 1 unit @ 2.5 m
Hose connection ø:12 / 16 mm ø:16 / 22 mm ø:16 / 22 mm
Filter volume 1.3 l 4.2 l 6.4 l
Pre filter volume 0.70 l 1.50 l 1.50 l
Suitable for freshwater Yes Yes Yes
Suitable for saltwater Yes Yes Yes
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