Oase HighLine 400

A fantastic cabinet and 400 litre tropical fish tank combination

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  • 400L aquarium and cabinet for freshwater aquariums
  • Includes space for LED lighting and hose routing
  • 140 x 50 x 63cm display tank, 139cm total system height
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This is a gorgeous tropical aquarium with a sleek, minimalist style that will be the centrepiece of any room.

What is the Oase Highline 400?

The Oase Highline 400 aquarium is a brilliant combination of freshwater aquarium and cabinet for cold water and tropical aquariums. Oase has designed this aquarium set with a focus on practicality from the filter intake and dry shaft to the sleek aluminium cover and integrated LED lighting. Plus, the cabinet features a linear furniture design that will seamlessly blend into any home decor.

These ultra-high-quality aquariums come in a range of colours and as a flat-pack kit for easy assembly.

What are the benefits of the Oase Highline 400?

You will have everything you need to bring your underwater world to life with the Oase Highline's wide range of features:

  • Oase Highline OptiWhite glass - The entire tank is constructed from Highline OptiWhite glass which is designed to give a clear view of your aquarium inhabitants with no distracting green tone.
  • Hidden connection - The base of the tank connects to the base cabinet via a dry shaft and a bottom drain. This allows you to connect your own chosen external filter to the tank, as well as any other aquarium hardware, without disturbing your aquascape.
  • Modern aquarium lighting - The sleek aluminium cover has space for aquarium lighting (sold separately). With aquarium lighting installed, your fish and plants will look brighter and more eye-catching, bringing your tank to life.
  • Aluminium strip - The Highline aquarium has an aluminium-effect strip around both the base and top of the tank to keep the lighting hardware, gravel and water edge effectively concealed. This removes all distractions to allow you to focus on your spectacular aquarium inhabitants.
  • Aluminium cover - The lid over the tank is made from sleek aluminium and features a feeding flap which can be connected to an automatic feeder (sold separately) making daily fishkeeping effortless.
  • Adjustable feet - The base cabinet comes with a range of installation accessories including adjustable feet, to ensure you have a perfectly level aquarium.
  • Storage space - The cabinet has lots of storage space built into it including practical drawers, outstanding quality pull-out shelves and a large area to house aquarium hardware connected directly to your tank. This lets you keep all your fishkeeping supplies in one place.
  • Push-to-open function - The doors of the cabinet have a push-open type mechanism that removes the need for any low handles and reduces the effect on the tank from the doors opening and closing.

What colours does the Highline 400 come in?

You can choose from a range of colours to ensure your Highline aquarium perfectly matches your home decor. Our range includes black, white, anthracite and natural oak, each of which has been chosen to beautifully complement a wide array of styles.



Volume 413l
Aquarium dimensions 140x50x63cm
Glass thickness 12mm
Dimensions 140x50x139cm
New weight 196kg
Guarantee 2 years


Product name Colour
Oase Highline 400 White White
Oase Highline 400 Oak Oak
Oase Highline 400 Black Black
Oase Highline 400 Anthracite Anthracite
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