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Oase Replacement UVC Bulbs

Replacement bulbs for Oase UVC Clarifiers

At a glance...
  • Replacement bulbs for UVC clarifiers
  • Quality-tested safety for long device life.
  • A range of bulbs to suit most UVC clarifiers
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The best choice to keep your Oase UVC performing at its best.

What are Oase Replacement UVC Bulbs?

Oase Replacement UVC Bulbs are a range of uv bulbs made by Oase to replace the bulbs within their UV clarifier filters. These ultraviolet bulbs offer the exact same lifespan as the original bulb in your filter, which is generally several thousand hours, as well as the same UV light capacity. Each replacement UV is quality tested by Oase and is easy to install with a push-fit fixing.

Do you have the bulb for my Oase UVC filter?

We stock a wide range of bulbs to suit most Oase UV filters. Check the table further down the page to find your filter model and the exact bulb you require. If you have an Eco UVC filter, we have a separate range of replacement Eco UVC bulbs.



Brand Oase


Model Wattage Suitable for
Replacement bulb UVC 5W 5W Filtral UVC 1500
Replacement bulb UVC 7W 7W BioPress 4000, BioSmart 5000 and ClearTronic 7W
Replacement bulb UVC 9W 9W BioPress 6000, BioSmart UVC 7000, ClearTronic 9W, FiltoClear 3000, Filtral UVC 3000
Replacement bulb UVC 11W 11W BioPress 10000, BioSmart UVC 16000, ClearTronic 11 W, FiltoClear 6000, FiltoClear 11000, FiltoClear 15000, FiltoMatic CWS 3000 / 7000, Filtral UVC 6000, Vitronic 11 W
Replacement bulb UVC 13W 13W Filtral UVC 9000
Replacement bulb UVC 18W 18W FiltoClear 12000, FiltoMatic CWS 12000 / 14000 / 25000, Vitronic 18 W
Replacement bulb UVC 24W 24W Bitron C 24 W, FiltoClear 16000, FiltoMatic CWS 12000 / 14000 / 25000, Vitronic 24W
Replacement bulb UVC 36W 36W Bitron C 36 W, Bitron C 72 W, FiltoClear 20000, Vitronic 36 W
Replacement bulb UVC 55W 55W Bitron C 55 W, Bitron C 110 W, Bitron Gravity 55 W, FiltoClear 30000, Vitronic 55 W
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