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Oase FiltoClear

Pressure filters with an ideal combination of mechanical and biological cleaning

At a glance...
  • Pressure filters with powerful UVC technology
  • Patented cleaning mechanism with optimised filter sponges
  • Optimum flow rates between 5000 and 17,000lph
Great water flow and a high filtration capacity prevent the filter from clogging.

What is the Oase FiltoClear?

The Oase FiltoClear are a highly developed range of pressure filters with superb mechanical and biological filter performance plus UVC technology that ensures clear pond water. Designed for fish ponds from 5000 to 31000 litres, the FiltoClear pressure filter range offers flow rates between 5000 and 17,000 litres per hour. The 31000 model is also designed for supplying watercourses at higher elevations. Backed by a market-leading 3-year guarantee, the FiltoClear can be completely buried in the soil up to the filter head. Covered with the appropriate FiltoCap, the filter will appear to be hidden and blend into your natural pond landscape.

What are the features of the FiltoClear pressurised filter range?

Each model in the FiltoClear range has an integrated UV bulb. For greater convenience with larger garden ponds, the 19000 and 31000 models are also equipped with a UVC cleaning rotor which keeps the quartz glass clean for better performance. The high-quality UVC housing protects the ballast unit from sunlight and moisture. The UV light help ensures effective filtration against floating algae and germs. If necessary the lamps can be changed even while the filter is running. The metal clamping ring holds the filter head and the pressurised filter together plus makes opening and closing the filter even more easier. It can be released conveniently using a lever, making it easier than ever before to access the filter’s internal parts like the filter sponges.

The Oase FiltoClear pond filter comes with blue, purple, and red filter sponges depending on the model. They have varying coarse sizes from large to small. The sponges lie on special plates that are connected by hooks. This prevents clogging of the sponges as a minimal bypass occurs. When cleaning, the force is distributed evenly to the individual sponge plates. These allow the load to be distributed which leads to much easier pulling and ensure ideal mechanical filtration.

The filter consists of a filter cover, a filter container and the filter's major operating elements. All connections and functional parts are located on the filter cover. The ideal size of the grommet connections for the FiltoClear is 2”. This size ensures low-pressure losses and an optimal flow rate.

How do I clean the FiltoClear pond filter?

The Oase FiltoClear has a convenient cleaning lever that makes it easy to clean the filter. Pulling the cleaning lever several times presses the filter sponges together inside the container. This action loosens the dirt particles and cleans the sponges. After cleaning, the two-way rotary valve can be used to drain the dirty water, from the cleaned filter sponges, out of the waste outlet until the water turns clear again. The valve can then be turned back to its original position to return the water flow to the pond.

Model FiltoClear 5000 FiltoClear 13000 FiltoClear 19000 FiltoClear 31000
Dimensions Ø:380 x H:370 mm Ø:380 x H:488 mm Ø:380 x H:608 mm Ø:380 x H:728 mm
Voltage 220-240V 220-240V 220-240V 220-240V
Net weight 8.0 kg 8.80 kg 9.60 kg 10.30 kg
Guarantee 3 year 3 year 3 year 3 year
UVC power 18W 24W 42W 60W
Number of blue filter foams - 1 2 2
Number of red filter foams 1 1 1 2
Number of purple filter foams 1 1 1 1
Inlet hose connections 38/50 mm 38/50 mm 38/50 mm 38/50 mm
Outlet hose connections 38/50 mm 38/50 mm 38/50 mm 38/50 mm
Sludge discharge connections 38/50 mm 38/50 mm 38/50 mm 38/50 mm
Max. flow rate 5000 lph 9000 lph 13000 lph 17000 lph
Max. operating pressure 0.2 bar 0.2 bar 0.2 bar 0.2 bar
Suitable for ponds up to max. 5000 l 13000 l 19000 l 31000 l
Suitable for ponds with fish stock 2500 l 7000 l 10000 l 15000 l
Suitable for ponds with Koi - - 5000 l 7500 l
Cleaning rotor No No Yes Yes
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