Oase products

Founded in 1948, the Oase team have poured over 65 years of expertise into their current range of pond pumps and pond filters as well as other high quality pond supplies including the Aquamax range, succeeding in establishing a superb reputation for excellence in the world of outdoor aquatics.

Not just limited to simple pump-filter-return systems, you will find gems like their Filtral all-in-one units that pump, filtrate, clear algae and provide a glistening fountain display, all from a single unit.

Their Clear Water Systems, often abbreviated to CWS are designed to mark Oase’s badge of honour, denoting their ability to get you the purest, cleanest and healthiest water possible for your perfect garden oasis.

Featuring a design mantra of “living water”, Oase’s products are centred on easy, low maintenance water quality. You may have heard the concept that fish keeping is really water keeping, and this idea shines through in this range.

Highly recommended by the staff at Swell UK, our customers have been benefiting from these superior systems at great value prices for a number of years now, as well as the long-term support supplied with this equipment in the form of a fantastic extendable warrantee.