Oase CrystalSkim

Aquarium internal filter that ensures crystal clear water surfaces

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  • Aquarium surface skimmer with a compact size
  • Powerful, adjustable motor for crystal clear aquariums
  • Removes biofilm, plant debris and other floating substances
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Oase CrystalSkim is a compact skimmer that keeps your water’s surface clear and clear.

What is Oase CrystalSkim?

Oase CrystalSkim is a powerful aquarium internal filter that vacuums the surface of your water in your tank removing unwanted particles such as fine plant debris, biofilm and surface scum. This aquarium skimmer comes in two sizes, CrystalSkim 350 is suitable for aquariums up to 350 litres in size and has an optimum flow rate of 350 lph, CystalSkim 650 is suitable for aquariums up to 650 litres in size and has an optimum flow rate of 650 lph. Oase CrystalSkim has a discreet modern design that lets it fade into the background of your aquarium. It’s backed by a 3-year guarantee for total peace of mind and is supplied with a 2 m power cable.

What are the features of this aquarium surface skimmer?

Oase CrystalSkim surface vacuum cleaner features a powerful yet quiet motor that can be easily adjusted by twisting and turning the hat of the skimmer. As a result, CrystalSkim produces a crystal clear water surface and active gas exchange at the right output level. By adjusting the water flow in your fish tank, you can create a variety of currents. This allows you to create different flow strengths.

Oase CrystalSkim is designed with a floating ring that adjusts to the water level. It can handle long maintenance intervals without having to top up the water offering cleanliness over a long period of time. The integrated basket offers additional safety for your aquarium inhabitants.

Does this surface skimmer remove plant debris?

Yes, this aquarium skimmer is very effective at removing film residue, duckweed and floating debris from your tank. It even conveniently captures the finest plant fragments that are almost impossible to remove with a net. CrystalSkim even includes a filter sponge for mechanical filtration.

How do I install Oase CrystalSkim in my aquarium?

The CrystalSkim can be mounted securely to your aquarium pane with two suction cups while allowing it to be removed quickly and easily for maintenance. Since the fastenings are mostly transparent and unobtrusive, your tank won't look unsightly.

Skimmers should be mounted on the wall of the aquarium in such a way that the floating body is high up above the water. The vacuum function will continue to work even if the water level falls due to evaporation. No tools are required to disassemble the unit, you simply pull it apart.

Product Oase CrystalSkim 350 Oase CrystalSkim 600
Min. flow rate 230 lph 670 lph
Max. flow rate 320 lph 860 lph
Power 5W 5W
Aquarium size Up to 350 l Up to 600 l
Dimensions, without holder D:36 x H:16 mm D:49 x H:170 mm
Weight 210 g 250 g
Guarantee 3 year 3 year
Power cable 2 m 2 m
Suitable for freshwater tanks Yes Yes
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