PolypLab ONE

Supplies calcium, magnesium, and alkalinity to your reef

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  • Complete calcium, magnesium, and alkalinity solution
  • Does not elevate salinity or contain calcium carbonate
  • All-in-one convenient formula for reef aquariums
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PolypLab ONE is engineered from two forms of acetate and hydroxide salts. When dosed, the calcium-magnesium ions are freely available for uptake by corals, clams, and many other reef organisms. The acetate ions are metabolised by bacteria to create biologically available bicarbonate. The hydroxide salts provide further buffering capabilities. ONE supplies calcium, magnesium, and alkalinity to your reef in a simple and convenient formula. It is a fully balanced calcium system that does not require complicated reactors, multi-part systems or any extra equipment.


  • Does not elevate salinity.
  • Does not contain calcium carbonate.
  • Phosphate and silicate free.


Shake well before each use. For every 190 litres of total aquarium volume, dose 1-4 capfuls (5-20mL) in an area away from direct contact with corals. Keep bottle tightly closed when not in use.

This product will temporarily cloud aquarium water after dosing so it is recommended to dose ONE at night.

Proper dosing with ONE maintains: 400 ppm Ca, 7 dkh, 1300 ppm magnesium.

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