Pond Filter Media

Filter media help and advice

Keep your filter running smoothly

Filter media is a crucial part of any filter system as it is the material that sieves out any waste from your water and purifies it. Our wide range of filter media includes material from top brands including Blagdon, Hozelock and Oase as well as our own products.

What is filter media?

Filter media is the material that sits inside a pond filter and sieves out all of the fine particles of sand, dirt and debris that can pollute the water. There are three types of media; mechanical, chemical and biological, they are often used together to perform a full and thorough clean of your pond and ensure that grime, dirt, toxins and odours are eradicated from the water.

Why should I buy filter media?

Even if your pump includes filter media, every pond is different and will need a different type of filter media to successfully remove all toxins and waste. Over time, filter media will degrade as the physical movement of water and solids breaks it down, so you'll need to replace it every couple of months to ensure efficient filtration.

What are the main types of filter media?

We stock three types of filter media at Swell UK; pond filter foam, pond biological filter media and filter bags. Pond filter foam is a sheet of mechanical filter material, like a densely packed sponge, that catches solids in your water while letting the water pass through. Pond biological filter media is specially formulated media that's designed to harbour filtering bacterial colonies. Filter bags are porous bags that hold loose filter media, allowing water to pass through - similar to a tea bag.

What should I look for?

Finding the right type of filter media for your pond can be difficult, it might require some trial and error. We recommend looking for the filters that will eliminate the waste from your pond and then buying a few different products to replace each other once each has worn away - by doing this you can find the one that works best in your pond.