Pond Filter Media

Filter media is the material that sits inside a pond filter and sieves out all of the fine particles of sand, dirt and debris that can pollute the water.There are three types of media, they are often used together to perform a full and thorough clean of your pond and ensure that grime, dirt, toxins and odours are eradicated from the water.

Mechanical media simply means that the medium work to strain out any debris, dirt or grime and leave the water cleaner and healthier. This often takes the form of a sponge or pad. Biological media uses its surface area for bacterial colonies to spread. These helpful bacteria feed on the chemicals released by fish and plant waste, removing them from your water. Chemical media uses an additional chemical such as carbon to neutralise odours, taints to the water and more.

We hold a huge amount of filter media for every type of pond filter, so whatever type you need, we are sure to have it. Using the right type of media means that the water clarity, health and appearance of your pond is always immaculate. Many pond filters come complete with some or all of the media needed. If you are unsure which media you need, call our sales team on 0161 351 4700.