Pond UV Clarifiers

Pond UV Clarifiers Help And Advice

Beat algae blooms with a UV clariffier

Pond UV clarifiers are designed to destroy the algae that causes green water by zapping it with a strong UV light, which can significantly improve the water clarity. However big your pond, we've got the best UV clarifiers from the biggest brands, like Oase, Blagdon, Evolution Aqua and more.

What is a pond UV clarifier?

By pumping your pond water through a UV clarifier before it passes through to your filter, you can expose single-celled algae in the water to harmful UV rays, which kills the algae and improves the water clarity. Since green water and other forms of algae consume oxygen from the water, a UV can help keep the pond fish healthier, as well as making the pond look better.

Why should I buy a pond UV clarifier?

A UV clarifier or UVC is the standard way to improve water clarity and can provide crystal clear water when the right size unit is selected and installed correctly. All pond UVs need to be used within a filtration system and require water to be pumped through the UV at the correct flow rate, with a filter on the other end to catch the dead algal cells.

What features should I look for?

When selecting a pond UV, the most important thing is to select the right size unit for your pond and to ensure that you pass water through it at the optimum flow rate. If you pump the water through the UV too quickly, the algae won't be exposed to UV for long enough to kill them, while if you pump the water through too slowly, your pond may not clear at all. While some pond UVs are integrated into combined filter and UV systems, most are separate units that are designed to be attached to the top or side of a gravity fed external box filter.

What accessories should I buy with a UV pond clarifier?

You'll need to match your UV to a good pond pump and filter appropriate to the size of your pond and the type of fish you keep. Larger ponds, bigger fish, and higher stocking densities mean you'll need a bigger pump and filter and, likely, a more powerful UV to get crystal clear water. To comply with UK electrical legislation, pond appliances can't be sold with a fitted plug, so you'll likely need to purchase a plug, an outdoor electrical socket, or possibly an outdoor electrical cable extension to install your UV safely. Don't forget to replace the bulb at least once a year to keep it working properly.